Monday, January 16, 2012

If You Were Gay, That Would Be Okay!

If You Were Gay, That Would Be Okay!
In fact, I would prefer it.
So I love Kayla. She loves me. I think she's absolutely amazing. The feeling is mutual. And I think that it is so wonderful because let's be honest:

How many people in your life can you spend 24 hours a day with for 2 years and not start hating them? Just a little?

Because that is basically what me and Kayla did.
Which brings me to my next point: Why can't we be gay? Wouldn't that make life so much easier? I say yes. Unfortunately neither me nor Kayla can make ourselves be gay. What can I say? We were born this way baby. So we tend to burden each other with problems, as friends do. And here are some lessons that we have taught each other.
This was the last time we saw each other. if we had actually run away together or something, this would have been gold.

1. If you're feeling blue
a mustachio'd skype date will do!
2. When you're mad at a boy, it's always a good idea to pad his car

3. If you get caught padding said car, mugshots can be really great souvenirs. A picture says a thousand words!

4. Having a blowdryer fight is fun. And if you don't have time to fix it before you leave the house, well my friend, you have yourself a GREAT conversation starter.

5. Does the world kind of suck?

Watch a Disney movie!
This is a somewhat normal reaction to movie watching, I would say.

6. Stalking each other on facebook isn't creepy. It's called love. Duh. Any serial killer could tell you that. 

7. There is nothing wrong with hiding out in your room, building a fort, watching Jersey Shore and telling everyone else that you're studying.

8. Walmart is an excellent source of entertainment.

9. It's essential to have someone who you can tell anything and everything too. Who will always have your back and say helpful things like "boys suck", "she's just jealous", and "let's eat some ice cream"

10. And if that doesn't work, a hug is always nice
11. And if THAT doesn't work, just think of the absolute, most stupid thing you could do and GO DO IT! and more importantly, TAKE PICTURES! so that everyone else can see it. you'd be surprised how much better you can make people feel about their lives simply by showing them how stupid your life is. I mean, isn't that why we watch Jersey Shore?
This is a prime example of such an activity. We became burger queens. Hot.

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